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AR Driving School VA

Est. 2017 AR Driving School became one of the best professional driving school in the first year of its existence. For over years and years, our DMV approved and insured instructors are putting their utmost efforts to deliver what has been promised and make sure to provide a safe and healthy learning environment to our students under all circumstances. It is our belief that most people go through the adrenaline rush and fear when driving for the first time. Don’t worry about it because AR Driving School make sures that the fear goes away with the hinge of time. Our instructors are willing to go an extra mile to make sure all our students are perfect professionals and competitors on each ground while maintaining great measures of safety of themselves and other drivers on road. Since 2017, we have been encouraging the slogan “safe drive save lives” because as a nation, it is a duty for each individual to maintain and follow proper safety and driving guidelines published by the government of United States. 

Currently, AR Driving School VA is serving its services in most whereabouts of Virginia that includes. We are offering free pick & drop services and are flexible with schedules so that our students can determine the best time that suits them. We have dual control cars to make sure the safety of our students and instructors in any case of emergency. Our staff is super hygiene friendly and will take care of hygiene in all means throughout the course. Our FBI cleared instructors are offering a wide range of courses to students to help them go through the self-placement program launched on our website. Once the student has figured what course they are going for or has talked to one of AR Driving School Virginia ‘s instructors, they can enroll in in just few minutes by following a few steps that they will be guided along with through the process.

Under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , we cater to customers of all backgrounds and walks of life, with a strong focus on customer service excellence. We don’t just want to not only teach you how to drive, we also want you to be safe when you are driving along or with your loved ones. 

To make sure to get you through the process of getting the license as soon as possible, we recommend to prepare for your sign test from DMV Signs Test Preparation 2023 and also make yourself familiar with the road safety measures.

To avoid any inconvenience when making payments for your course, be sure to look up to AR Driving School Virginia’s payment methods and familiarize yourself with them. Avoid using card methods to avoid additional 5% tax. NOTE: We don’t charge any additional or hidden fees which is what makes us one of the best driving school in Virginia and in your area! Enroll now and we’ll see you on the driver’s seat soon. 

Got questions or complaints? Go ahead and contact us and we’ll respond back as soon as possible.