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AR Driving School VA’s Mission

Over many years, our unwavering commitment has always been to prioritize safe driving. We remain dedicated to promoting our enduring slogan, “SAFE DRIVE SAFE LIFE,” as we recognize that it will be you, the individual, behind the wheel on your own.

AR Driving School VA is an online driving school offering a diverse range of courses. One of our central missions is to simplify and infuse enjoyment into the process of learning to drive. We acknowledge that no one can navigate this journey entirely on their own, and thus, we continually anticipate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers, ensuring that we prepare them for the future of driving.


Teenagers Driving License

Behind the Wheel course for experienced teens.
$ 350
  • 7 days course
  • 50min driving per day
  • 50min observation per day
  • Free pick-up and drop-off

Teenagers / Adults 1 on 1 Training Course

For inexperienced teens
$ 400
  • 7 lessons, one hour each: $400
  • Helping you from Ground Zero within days!
  • 5 lessons. 1 hour each: $300
  • 3 lessons, 1 hour each: $200
  • Course recommended for inexperienced and new drivers

Driving Improvement Lab

This is an online course
$ 100
  • Get 5 points on your driving record.
  • Get a ticket dismissed or reduced in traffic court.
  • Get a lower auto insurance.
  • Prevent license suspension or reinstate with DMV.
  • Traffic court preparation, includes tips and guidance.
  • Improved knowledge of practical and effective defensive driving strategies.
  • Note: After you are done registering yourself and we have recieved the payment, we will send you the link to access the course.

Drivers online education program

This course is required for the adult waiver course. Unless you already did it in high-school and passed.
$ 140
  • 30 hours Online drivers education course for teens and adults
  • This Is an online course . For Final Exam Student Must Come In To The Office. Note: Under 18yrs Old Students Must Do Parent Teen Class.
  • Note: Once you register and pay, we will send you the link to access the course.

Adult Waiver Course

A substitute to the DMV Road Test
$ 400
  • Must know how to drive
  • DEC-1 or driver education certificate through a DMV approved Driving School
  • Valid Virginia permit
  • 7 days course, 7 classes in total
  • 50min of observation
  • Free pick up and drop off

Please Note!

Adult Waiver Course Is Only For Experienced Drivers.

Once you complete and pass this course we will issue a certificate which you have to upload to the DMV website and they will mail you your license shortly.

Click Here To Upload Your Certificate

Re-Examination Course

For those who have failed either road or permit test thrice.
  • $185 for 8-hour re-examination course for permit exam failed thrice - Online.
  • Required by DMV
  • Certificate is issued upon completion
  • The prices may vary by area
  • For all ages teens & Adults

Our Services

Wide Service Range

We take the utmost care to maintain our vehicles, ensuring they are consistently serviced and well-maintained. This commitment guarantees a clean and stress-free learning environment for our students, facilitating their rapid understanding of driving concepts.

Flexible Schedule

At AR Driving School VA, we prioritize the convenience of our students by offering flexible scheduling options. We understand the importance of accommodating individual routines and schedules, which is why we operate seven days a week. Our commitment to managing timetables ensures that our learners can easily find a suitable slot that aligns with their unique schedules. Your convenience is our commitment.

Key Features

  • All of our instructors are FBI cleared.
  • Our cars are dual control and insured.
  • Our instructors are DMV (VA) approved.
  • Our curriculum is DMV (VA) approved.
  • Punctual, professional and responsible instructors.
  • Free Pick & Drop.

Why Choose AR Driving School VA

In today’s world, possessing driving skills has become an essential requirement for individuals in various aspects of life. We acknowledge that for a learner, the prospect of taking the wheel for the first time can be daunting. However, it’s important to remember that everyone experiences these initial challenges.

At AR Driving School VA, our dedicated instructors are unwavering in their commitment to each student’s success. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every student gains confidence and mastery behind the wheel. We cover nearly every area in Virginia and offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off services, as well as flexible scheduling options to accommodate students’ busy routines.

AR Driving School VA is open seven days a week, and our reputation is built on trust, insurance, and bonding. Rest assured, all our instructors are FBI-assured, guaranteeing a secure and reliable learning environment. Don’t hesitate – enroll with us today to acquire valuable driving skills in a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere.

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